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Our Walk

The love to help individuals & organizations in determining and achieving their goals was the beginning of ProaWitz. Today we are India’s finest experiential leadership & Out Bound training organization that has helped over 200000 people & 150 Organizations.

ProaWitz leadership Inc. Is the brainchild of award winning leadership expert & Coach Arjun Vellal who spearheads training delivery & strategic learning innovation.

Pro indicates proactive and Witz indicates infinite intelligence, we believe that we are only the means and not the source of all the transformation

Our Culture

Long Walks and long talks got us here. At ProaWitz we love to walk and we think that best ideas and best decisions happen when we walk because we know – walking is progress…

We love nature & anything natural which is why most of our meetings, leadership lessons and coaching happen while we walk or trek. If you wish to be a part of our team, you have got to love walking.

Wish to join our team?

We do not want to know your qualifications, we want to know your qualities

  • Do you think offbeat? So do we, lets see who wins
  • Are you inquisitive? Really? Then, ask us a question
  • Are you argumentative? We like it, Schedule an argument with us

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