How We walk with you

Measure the Mile

We learn your about your needs, challenges and goals. We also pre-assess the miles ahead.

Map the Walk

We design and map the most effective strategy to achieve your goals.

Walk the way

We Deliver the training program effectively to attain the aligned business & people goals . We walk with you.

Reflect & Assess

We Assess the programs progress and fine tune to maximize impact. Training is just the beginning of learning.


Supported by years of behavioral research and first-hand experience training millions of managers, our innovative leadership development programs create flexible experiences that will transform your managers and your organization.

Identifying on-site training needs | Proawitz Leadership
At Your Foot Step

With hundreds of facilitators around the world, we deliver inspiring, and engaging face-to-face training programs that will address your leadership and talent development challenges—and drive results for your organization

leadership development plan online with e-learning | Proawitz Leadership

Outside the four walls, out in the nature, outside the comfort zone is where the best learning happens. Join us in transforming your leaders and team to a high performance team at exclusive partner resorts and camp sites.

Virtual training leadership development plan | Proawitz Leadership

Our expert facilitators can deliver live, virtual training sessions, allowing your managers and team members to experience world-class content right from their desks. Or, we often implement a blended solution that combines face-to-face and virtual training sessions to minimize travel time and cost.

Evaluating leadership development program with coaching | Proawitz Leadership

ProaWitz certified coaches work one-on-one with your executives, managers, or team members to reinforce training programs or to provide additional support in the areas of leadership development, relationship-building, problem-solving, and management skills.

Evaluating leadership development programs with public workshops

Our public workshops provide a great opportunity for individuals, leaders or geographically dispersed teams to participate in various developmental and skills based workshops that happen across the globe.

Training needs assessment for custom designed leadership training

We customize our learning solutions to tailor it specifically to your business or industry, including adjusting the program design, customizing training materials, and modifying the delivery method to ensure it’s as relevant and impactful as possible.

Training for Trainers training needs assessment | Proawitz Leadership

Our Training The Trainers sessions allow you to learn and practice ProaWitz training programs so you can deliver them within your organization. We offer both on-site training, when you want to train a significant number of trainers within your organization, and we also have public workshops.

Get inspired identifying your training needs with keynote speakers

Motivating, Inspiring & Elevating talks and speeches by our exclusive group of thought leaders deliver keynote presentations regularly at corporate and industry events and would welcome the opportunity to discuss your challenges and how to move your organization forward.

Contact us to discuss your leadership challenges. We can help train your managers and deliver real ROI for your training investment.

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