At ProaWitz Leadership Inc., we train the world’s best leaders. We provide the most widely used leadership development training programs and services and deliver real ROI for every dollar spent on training.


Is your second line ready?

Grow your business by nurturing leaders who are productive, pro-people & proactive

Outbound Experiential

How about some fun while you learn?
Take a break, re-look at your process, collaborate and achieve your team goals


Sales targets sound unrealistic?

Consultant approach, negotiation tactics, objection handling are just a few skills you learn in our sales mastery program


Want to increase commitment and competence of your people?
Learn to be better organized and effective have conversations that generate results


Empower yourself with world class content
Watch impactful Videos and thought provoking blogs

Business Brainbox

Business Brain Box is the revolutionary products for B Schools
To sharpen the saw for today’s business needs and demands