Outbound Training


TAB, our exclusive outbound program highlights the importance of taking a break, re-looking at your processes, collaborating and moving forward. TAB focuses on TEC – Trust, Enhance, Communicate & Collaborate, which is the foundation for any team to grow.


TAB is a revolutionary experiential training product that works around strengthening the teams of an organization through outbound ,fun and research based activities.
A break is where you breathe, a break is where you open up, a break is when you are “You” and we ensure that you Take a Break in the real sense of it.


All the activities designed are outbound and involves physical energy, creative thinking and Agility.
Every training is an eye opener to our belief systems. Failures give bigger learning and this is our key strategy to ensure that teams encounter disappointment to open their minds to change. We as trainers have been learning the success formula of an Out-bound Training with continuous innovation and would like to ensure that your team outbound is EnterTraining (Entertainment plus Training)