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ProaWitz Train the Trainer program is considered to be among the best in the world.

Now for the first time, you and your organization can benefit by experiencing this powerful methodology in our “Train the Trainer” Program.

This seminar is designed to turn participants into top-notch facilitators. Participants at a ProaWitz Course never sit in a seat for very long.

We are the masters at creating involvement. Whether a participant is a shy, resistant, or just plain difficult, we know how to bring out their authentic selves and create a cohesive atmosphere. These skills can only be learned by jumping into it and that’s exactly what happens at this seminar. Participants begin facilitating the sessions almost immediately.

Participants also gain specific tools for dealing with disruptors—those participants who can ruin the learning experience in a flash; the difficult participant (I don’t want to be here); the resistor (I was sent by my boss); and the ham (I know more than you do and I’m going to show everyone). They will learn how to turn this negativity into a positive force for the group.

Our Train the Trainer Program helps both experienced and novice trainers polish the skills they need to facilitate Training that’s experiential, fun, and has a lasting impact.

Who Should Attend

Inspiring and Aspiring trainers


In this workshop, participants will learn how to:

  • Plan and organize professional presentations
  • Develop your own natural and relaxed communication style
  • Learn to sell your ideas with clarity and force that inspires others
  • Create an open, inclusive and stimulating learning environment
  • Approach challenges in a way that leads to victories and success for participants
  • Coach and develop participants to empower them and lead them to continuous improvement

Negotiation skills: